Love Me Enough To Leave Inc.

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Who is LMETL Inc.?

Love Me Enough To Leave Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the process of recovery as well as providing resources to those affected by domestic violence. There are multiple reasons why a victim of domestic violence would choose returning to their abuser. 

  • FEAR

What we do?

We are committed to bridging every angle of abuse with love and support. Working with other community organizations to leverage strategic partnerships that will provide clients with access to supportive resources and services. By doing so, we’ve created a community with access to programing for personal and career development. LMETL works to give hope to anyone in domestic violence seeking to gain total independency and to also regain stability for future endeavors. We have created courses that are designed to recovering and life after trauma.

What do we offer?

Life Skill Classes:

Anti-bullying rallies

Teen Dating Awareness

Non-Victimized Parenting

Financial Literacy 

Self Defense

Career Development (Keyboarding, Resume building, etc.)

Group Therapy / Recreational Therapy/ Weekly One on One Therapy


Confidence building workshops

Support groups

Pamper classes

Daycare referrals

Financial planning

Job placement

Entrepreneur guidance offered through SAME.

Housing referrals

Our Core Values

To bring all people into true identity of themselves and create a peaceful influence that perpetuates for generations after. Knowing our purpose of servitude and creating a community around hope, love and fulfillment of life's purpose.

Our Team

Why we SpeakDV

Consuela Metcalf

Survivor, Director, Certified Mental Health Coach and Advocate

Realizing the cycle of abuse that continued in my life was impossible until June 18, 2016 I received a call that changed my life forever. My dad was murdered by his wife of 13 years. My dad spoke to me about this yet I never took it serious enough to see it could actually happen until it did. Domestic Violence affects more than just those living in the situation but also those who are connected to the person being violated. #iSpeakDV starts by acknowledging the silent killer and bringing our voices together to break the cycle of domestic abuse. I Consuela will speak up and bring light to what’s hurt me the most, loosing the one you love is never a good feeling and loosing the one you love to someone else’s act of selfishness in a split second will never be easy to move away from and will always hurt. From past relationships to hearing my mother speak of her own experiences growing up #iSpeakDV in my generation to end the cycle of becoming complacent in any relationship that is unfit for growth.

Dollie Ford-Bennett

Survivor, Advocate Educator, and Outreach Admin

I always said I would not be someone to stay in a violent relationship. For over a year I thought I was safe. For over a year I didn't realize that on a regular basis, I was being abused mentally. I had become a slave mentally. I lost my voice. Never imagined I was in the very shoes that I swore against.

Once the abuse became physical, I was to embarrassed to tell anyone. It got to the point where it happened infront of my child. It happened out in public. It happened infront of people, but not always someone willing to help me. No one knew how much of a failure I felt like I was. I asked myself if this life was even worth living. I had hit rock bottom, but no one knew how hard I had truly fallen.

But God. He restored the faith I lost in myself. He made me new. After almost two years I was no longer a victim of Domestic Violence, but a Survivor. When I lost the title of "Victim", with it, I lost addiction, I lost fear and I even lost some friends. But in time I was a SHEro in the eyes of my daughters. I gained a new attitude, a husband to love me despite how broken I was and more blessing than I could've prayed for.

If they don't love you enough to leave you alone, then you have to love yourself enough to walk away. Love your children enough to walk away. Keep your circle filled with people who push you and pray for you to do better. Find your voice. Thank God I found mine! #iSpeakDV